Workshop - The Physics of Relativistic Outflows - 22/24 Mars 2016

Le groupe de travail Astroparticules du Labex OCEVU organise le workshop "The physics of relativistic outflows" à l'IRAP (Toulouse) du 22 au 24 mars 2016.

Relativistic outflows (jets or winds) are observed in various astrophysical sources such as pulsars, X-ray binaries, gamma-ray bursts or active galactic nuclei including the Galactic Center and the large-scale Fermi bubbles and over a broad range of sizes, masses and powers. They constitute vigorous particle accelerators. They harbour energetic leptons which radiate over the whole electromagnetic spectrum and can be monitored from the radio bands to TeV gamma-rays. They are also likely sources for high energy cosmic rays (hadrons and leptons), as well as secondary neutrinos. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the formation and propagation of jets and winds in different contexts, the associated radiation and particle acceleration/escape processes as well as the prospects brought by future instruments. This workshop is organised at IRAP by the astro-particle working group of the OCEVU labex and financially supported by both OCEVU and IRAP.

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