Postdoctoral projects

The OCEVU Labex is recruting 3 outstanding postdoctoral candidates for projects covering the fields of Cosmology and Particle Physics.

The call is now open and will close between JANUARY 15 and FEBRUARY 1st, 2014, depending upon the project (see table below). These deadlines could be extended in case no suitable candidates are found by these datesThe positions are for up to 3 years, subject to yearly renewal upon mutual satisfaction.  Appointments can be made as early as September 2014 and no later than March 1st, 2015.

For scientists having his/her PhD for:

  • less than 3 years, the net monthly salary ranges from 1960 to 2250 €
  • more than 3 years, the net monthly salary ranges from 2290 to 2640 €

Medical coverage and benefits are included.
The position comes with a specific yearly operating budget of 2000€. 

The instructions on how to apply can be found here.

Candidates are encouraged to contact the leaders of the postdoc project which they wish to apply for.

Postdoc ID code Field Postdoc Project (click for details) Primary Location Deadline
to apply
P06 CO Unveiling the baryonic properties of the first massive halos in the Universe Toulouse 01/02/2014
P07 CO Marseille 15/01/2014
P08 PP B decays into tau lepton pairs and related rare transitions Marseille 15/01/2014


AP: Astroparticles - CO: Cosmology - PP: Particle Physics